May 18, 2007

Yeah Carbo Pro!

I would just like to take a minute to officially welcome Carb Pro and Carbo Pro 1200 to team Helly Hansen/MOMAR.

Some of you may remember a few months back after my first solo win at Dirty Duo that I mentioned this stuff in my post race report...they weren't even a sponsor then, but I believe in this product so much that I just had to give it the props it deserved.

I only discovered this stuff in mid September of last year and since then have had the best racing results of my life! In my first race using Carbo Pro 1200 I managed a 2Nd overall in the Rubble Creek Classic out of Whistler. A 25km trail run that I covered in a course record 2h12m42s, unfortunately there was someone five seconds ahead of me who now holds the new course record. Oh yeah, and I did this just 24 hours after racing to an 8Th in age at a 71km mountain bike event.

I had struggled with cramping for years and could never put my finger on it. I always took in what I knew to be more than enough electrolytes, but it never seemed to help. My issue was that I could never get enough calories into my body. Carbo Pro and Carbo Pro 1200 allow me to do that with ease. In fact in Baja recently we were amazed that we could load almost 1000 calories of Carbo Pro into our water bladders and never get that overwhelming sugar load that every other mix on the market seems to have. Their 'Neutral' flavour is just that. Even with 1000 calories in a 2.5 litre bladder it still tasted like mildly flavoured water.

Oh yeah, and it's Gluten Free, which is perfect for Celiac's like myself.



Anonymous said...

Do you know of any stores in North Vancouver that carry this Carb drink?

garobbins said...

You Bet. You can find it at North Shore Athletics on Lonsdale and 12th.

Thanks for checking out my blog!