May 05, 2007

Just getting in from a solid team training day...10hr's encompassing all of the main disciplines of Adventure Racing...kayaking, mountain biking, hiking/trail running/bush whacking, and the most important discipline of all...drinks and nachos!

A bit of a logistically challenging day with only two kayaks and two mountain bikes for the three of us, but we figured it out.
Megan used her road bike to come from Whistler to Squamish while John Foy (our fourth teammate for the Full Moon In June, welcome aboard John!) and I hit the sound for a 3hr kayak start to the day.

The sky opened up on us immediately after we hit the water, but within an hour we were down to just some decent cloud cover.
Megan met us at the water for 11am and grabbed a kayak while John and I headed off on the mountain bikes for 3hr. At 4pm we all headed out for a 4hr trek, with weighted backpacks, up The Chief and towards Petgill Lake (we hit the snowline before the lake and were forced to turn back as we could no longer distinguish the trail).

After 10hr we had just enough time for some nachos and drinks before Megan had to catch the bus back to Whistler and John had to hit the highway back to Vancouver. Roxy is out cold and I'm not far soon as I stretch...or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

1)Starting our day in the rain.
2)Clearing up a little.
3)Top of 9 Mile (Test of Metal bike race route).
4)What looks cooler than two bikes and a kayak on yer car!!
5)First vantage point on our in the distance behind us is the old 'Wood Fibre' mill, which we had paddled to seven hours earlier.
6)Getting up to the snow line at over 2300 feet above sea level.
7)The only way to finish a big training day!


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