April 15, 2007

Saturday Night Fever


I was feeling sick all week and I knew that racing these shorter, high intensity races was not the best idea. I thought I could make it through them before taking it down a notch to get over this thing...I almost made it...

After a flat out sprint mtn bike race on Wednesday night left me hacking, and another on Sat morning had me light headed, I was hoping to recover in time to put in a decent 10k time at The Vancouver Sun Run this morning (being Sunday)...instead I spent all of last sweating up a storm on a friends couch in Vancouver (sorry Aimee).

It's now 7am and it's a bitter pill that I swallow to not be able to run The Sun Run this year...as low key as it is, with 53,000 runners it's more fun than anything, but there are always a ton of friends (most not runners) who participate, and I'll miss hanging out with them afterwards as I have to get some actual zzzz before driving back up to Squamish.

Hopefully next year. Fever's suck!


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