April 07, 2007

New Finisher Photos

I just had these e-mailed to me. The last two are after the race when I hitched down the coast to a small beach for a few days of camping and relaxation.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to go guys. Good story Gary. Thanks for sharing. I needed to here a good adventure story after being snubbed at the Rock and Ice. Like you all I wanted to do was have the chance to finish the race I had started. So when on day five of a six day stage race the race director ended the race. I was just crushed. Not only was the race over but my chance at the $11,500 Diamond was over.

So good on you guys for ripping it up down there. Glad to hear everyone got home in one piece. I only had to make sure I kept warm in the -30 degree temps. Still don't know why they wouldn't let me race in shorts.