March 07, 2007

Today was the day...

The first day of the year that I wore my actual biking gloves rather than my ski gloves while out riding.
It got up to 10 degrees and I even managed to find a flurry of mosquito's...albeit with my teeth, and I am sure this will be the only time in 2007 that I will have been happy about such a thing.

Recovery from the race has been painful to say the least, but is going well.
The day after the Dirty Duo it was all I had in me to walk my dog for two hours and follow that up by hitting the pool for some swimming and water running, which is great for helping out those sore muscles. I finished off the day with a form of masochism known as stretching.

On Monday I suffered through a 30 minute treadmill run and once again cried my way through 30 minutes of self inflicted pain and contortion.

Tuesday morning I hit the bike for 2hr and was fortunate enough to have a friend hook me up with a free hotel room in Whistler for the night! I spent the evening rotating between the sauna, steam room, hot tub and pool...ahh recovery.

It's Wed now and I guess I have no further excuses not to get back to training again...17 days till I fly to Mexico baby!!


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