January 19, 2007

Happy ending to the rediculous vehicle theft

The truck was found yesterday in Port Moody and everything was in tact. Thank you to everyone for your whole hearted responses and for helping out in whatever manner you could.

Anyone located in B.C. or close to, please keep you eyes open for this truck.
It was stolen from a friend in Whistler last night...with his Daughter's handicap equipment inside!

Read his e-mail:

Someone stole our truck tonight. Out of our driveway while we were eating dinner. No kidding!

The real problem is that Morgan's Easy-On Vest, her ONLY car harness, was in the truck and stolen with it, along with my aluminum wheelchair ramp.

Morgan is grounded. She cannot travel unless it's by cab. She's a prisoner.

We are a minimum of 4 months away from a wheelchair van, and only if funding is approved. It took a year and a half for Transport Canada to Approve her Easy-On Vest/Harness and 4 months for it to be custom made in Florida and shipped here.

No school bus will take her to school, so she doesn't go unless we cab it, 11 KM each way.

Talk about a mobility issue.

Spread the word. If you see it, in a ditch, a field or lane, call the police! Please!

Thank you

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