January 28, 2007

Get R Done

First pic is Roxy on top of The Chief again. Second is me trying to smile an hour after having my wisdom teeth out. Third is an overview of where we paddle, from the top of The Chief.(click on pics for larger views)

Finally managed to get above 20hr for the week, with a grand total of 21hr training.

Monday: Was in and out of a fever from Sunday night until 4am Monday. Feeling like shit but managed an easy paced 1hr run.

Tuesday: Back to a fever for a few hours at night, but finally seemed to drop it at 2am. Hit the gym at 5:45am, but after an hour realised I should take it easy for the rest of the day.

Wednesday: Gym from 5:45am till 6:45am. Still not 100% so back to bed for an hour. Had my top two wisdom teeth removed at 11:30am...then hopped on my mountain bike from 12-2pm...it was too damn nice outside not to! Trails are still covered in snow, but slowly seem to be clearing off. Gorgeous sunny day.
Play floor hockey from 8pm till 10pm, wear my heart rate monitor, amazed at how intense it actually is.

Thursday: A friend and I organise night trail running clinics, with headlamps, on Thur nights. We take out a group for an hour and then continue on our own for another hour. Total 2h15m run.

Friday: Kayak 8am - 9am. Absolutely perfect way to start a day!

Saturday: Kayak with a friend from 7:45am till 10:45am, take out my mountain bike and my dog from 11am-1pm. Do a 55km, 2hr road bike ride from 1pm-3pm. Pretty tired afterwards, eat nachos and watch Hockey Night in Canada to recover.

Sunday: Snowshoe run in Whistler with a friend from 7:45am till 9am. Back to Squamish, grab my dog and 25lb backpack and head up 'The Chief' (major landmark in Squamish...and Western Canada for that matter. A perfect, very steep hike up the back, or a very technical rock climb up the front face. Great training). Go from 2nd peak to 3rd peak, lots of snow up top. 1h45m
Grab my kayak and head to river again, 1hr

Dinner, shower, stretch and head to a flick with a friend. 'Smokin Aces', pretty good except for last 10 minutes...worth the 9 bucks I guess. My body hurts when I stand up after movie.


Run/hike/hky (time on feet) - 8hr15m
Bike - 6hr
Kayak - 5hr
Gym - X2

Finally a recovery week, followed by a winter Adventure Race this weekend in Washington State...yeeee hawwww!


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