January 09, 2007

Game Time!

It's on...race season is here...well almost.

I managed a steady training schedule throughout November and December averaging 10-15 hr's a week.
October was an easy recovery month while resting from the end of the race season, which for me was in September.
However, in 11 weeks I'll be racing an expedition in Baja, it's GAME TIME!

My training schedule for Jan 8th - 14th is as follows:

Mon: Bike 1hr / Run 1hr

Tues: Gym 1hr / Bike 1.5hr

Wed: Gym 1hr / Kayak 2.5hr

Thur: Gym 1hr / Run 2hr

Fri: Gym 1hr / Bike 2hr

Sat: Bike 4hr / Kayak 1hr

Sun: Trek with weight 3hr / Kayak 2hr

Totals for week:
-Run/Trek 6hr
-Bike 8hr
-Kayak 5.5hr
-Gym 4hr
OVERALL 23.5 hours

Normally I take at least one day off a week, but I want to spread it out a bit more this week as my schedule does not allow otherwise right now. I will take a rest day on Monday the 14th.



Anonymous said...

Wow that's a work out! I think I'll just stick to mine.

M-F Get up mid after noon lay on beach

Sat-Sun Run a 100 miles

good luck in Baja!

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Anonymous said...

You call that a work out? I get up at 5am walk 1 block with max the have a quick power drink (baileys and coffee)then off to the gym (hotel)and stand in one spot for 8 hrs while being verbally abused by chad. i come home, walk 2 blocks with max then drink 6 more power shakes(lucky lager)I sleep approximately 2hr on the couch or floor then off to bed for 3 more hrs. try that. see you at the sun run