November 22, 2009

Public Speaking Engagement This Sat Night!

Quick update here, sorry been kinda lame lately but have had numerous friends visiting from outta town which is always nice and thankfully cuts down on my internet time! I'm getting back onto my skis on Tuesday which I can not wait for, especially since we've just broken all time snow records for November on the local ski hills!!

On another note, this Saturday, November 28th, I have the absolute pleasure of having been invited to give a presentation on my adventures over the last few years. Basically what I'll be conveying through speech and video is that it's really never too late to make a life shift and I consider myself a prime example of this. Prior to 2004 I'd only run more than 10k three times and could basically count on my fingers and toes how many times I'd ever run in my then 27 years on the planet. I was not a 'born athlete' and although like every Canadian kid I played hockey, I had absolutely zero background in any endurance activities. I had never trained for anything in my entire life and I was carrying around almost thirty additional pounds of body weight...and I'm not talking muscle here! Six years on, and I now find myself in the best shape of my life and living a lifestyle that I yearned for but feared for so many years. Decisions and sacrifices have to be made, but goals of any shape or form can always be attained when you dedicate yourself to them!

As nerve racking as public speaking can be I do thoroughly enjoy it once the butterflies subside a little...having some butterflies is of course a good thing as it lets you know your still alive and kicking!

If you're interested in coming out I'd love to see you there. It's only five bucks and all the info can be found here.


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