March 19, 2009

And The Contestants Are...

-King Arthur


P.S. Since I was away from the internet for days at a time while travelling I am calling upon loophole number A34-212ST in my blogging proclamations regarding my lack of internet use on Thursdays. As stated it says:
-Proclaiming to go without internet for one full day a week was completely idiotic from the start and as such I can legally be passed off as having been psychotic, drunk, physically and mentally distraught, or quite simply just plain dumb. In any case, It is very clearly without malicious intent that I continue to utilize the internet on this, the 19th day of March, 2009.

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Gary Robbins said...

SORRY! I made a mistake and posted the questions today, they have been removed and will be changed and re-posted tomorrow at bad, but at least I spotted it somewhat early!
K.A. nice work at being on the ball though, the rest better step it up tomorrow!!