February 08, 2009

Free Trip To Africa, All Expenses Paid!!

First and foremost, Orcas was an awesome weekend and full report coming tomorrow. I had to post this info though, it's fully legit, Jesper was the first person to ever run around the world and he is currently in his second version going North - South:

Jesper Kenn Olsen need a driver

From www.worldrun.org

Job Offer:

In order to continue the run through Sahara/Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, I need to find a person to drive supplies !
- Is that You ? :-)

I can offer coverage of travel/airplane from your country to Africa and back. A car to drive in. 500usd pr. month. The opportunity to see Africa as few other will.

The job:
6-8h. of work w. making the world run 2 possible; 5-6h. of driving food & water the daily 50km across the countries. 1h. of working together to buy/find food and set camp.

Through Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania. (Sudan would be Great but I don't expect anyone to dare that part).

March, April, May 2009.

N.b.: You need to be able to function in warm weather. But car/mechanical skills isn't a must. That is mainly my worry to maintain the vehicle - but a helping hand is welcome :-)

I speak English, German and French (and my native Scandinavian), so if you speak any of those you are welcome. Your nationality is less imp. - its an international project :-)

Please contact myself on philip.essam@three.com.au or Jesper at jesper@worldrun.org

Original message composed by Allan Trans from Denmark

Note from Editor - Jesper had a really bad day yesterday due to the heat and his health will be seriously effected soon if he has to continue pushing his stroller and running by himself.

I'd be all over this amazing opportunity myself if I didn't have some big plans already in the making for 2009! Hope someone can take advantage of this sweet offer and assist Jesper in his massive undertaking in the process!!


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