July 22, 2008

Getting Back On Ma Feet, The Week Following BCBR

It took all of five days to go completely insane after BCBR. Five days of absolutely no activity whatsoever left me on the verge of checking myself into an institution, so I got up and started running.

I wouldn't exactly call it 'running', but I did move my feet in a forward motion for 2hr. I only covered about about 13km, so you can see that I'm not exaggerating when I hesitate to call it running. It was more of a speed hike with a few running steps thrown in for good measure.

The hike/run hurt, no doubt about it. The last time I ran at all was in Wisconsin for Luke's 100 miler on June 7th, where I logged 53 miles through torrential rains. The funny thing was that pacing Luke ended up being the third longest run of my life! Immediately after that was Test Of Metal and we all know the story from there. It felt great to be back on my feet again...at least that's what I kept telling myself! My hip wasn't liking me, but my main concern was my lower abdominal muscle. The irony was that I did not feel my ab at all, it was my contused quad that spoke to me for the first time since pre BCBR! I just could not seem to win, but an 'on the run assessment' told me it wasn't getting any worse, so I kept on keeping on!

While facing my issues during BCBR I remember telling myself that it was time for a break from everything. I intended to take all of July off and to get going again in August before pursuing a few races in the fall. By Tues morning I could think of nothing but the Shawnigan Lake MOMAR on July 26th and the Stormy 100 Mile Ultra Run on August 8-9th. While out running I had a lengthy mental dialogue in regards to both events and reluctantly realized that I was going to end up skipping out on my first MOMAR in a few years. I wavered on this decision a few times, but in the end made the call and stand by it. I was and am simply not up for racing it right now.

I figured I had just under five weeks to try and condition my body for its first 100 miler. With this race being 'right up the street' it did not make sense to call it off five weeks out. I told myself that I'd get my feet moving and see how my injuries came around. The quad seemed to worsen for two days and I have not felt it since.

Here a recap of the week following BC Bike Race:

Mon 7th: Suffer through 2hr on my feet (13km)

Tues 8th:n 2hr (13k) Up Lynn Peak, not very smart, but I DID realize what I was doing to my body. I wanted to get the climbing legs back asap!

Wed 9th: 2hr (14k)A very painful and slow run to Norvan Falls and back

Thu 10th: 2hr (16k) My strongest run since back on my feet, but still very slow!

Fri 11th: 1hr (8k) Very slow recovery run, just wanting to keep moving. My back was as sore as my legs were!

Sat 12th: My day off of running, but Jackie's day to suffer through the 50km Knee Knacker! It was tough for me to watch the race start, but from that point onward I loved every second of it. Jackie faced some issues in the heat and nearly puked for almost 2hr! She toughed it out though and kept her feet moving, which allowed her to accomplish her goal time of a sub 7hr race in 6h56min!! I was ecstatic to see her coming in under 7hr, and loved cheering on so many other friends out there as well. It was a great reminder of what an incredible community I belong to through running!

Sun 13th: 2h30m (25k) Feeling highly inspired by the KK the previous day I get up at 5:30am to log a run and swim before work. I ran the second half of the KK. Started out nice and slow and finally, finally, FINALLY had my legs back! I was in absolute heaven on this early morning run...till I had my worst running fall in over three years!! What a month! I was more worried than anything, but after the swelling in my left leg subsided, later in the day, I knew I'd be fine. Enjoyed a 30m swim in the ocean with ma dog while Jackie slept in and eventually met us in Panorama Park, Deep Cove.

Very Happy with my week of getting back to running:
11.5hr, 90km and feeling better by weeks end, then when it all began!



Matt Hart said...

is there an american version of your website i can read. too many k's in this post.

glad to hear you legs came back man.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see you won't be at MOMAR Shawnigan! Smart choice but you will be missed on the dance floor!

garobbins said...

I'm currently working on my dance moves for the Cumberland MOMAR, hope yer there for it!

Legs are there and getting stronger, just had a solid week and counting down to Stormy now.

Deanna Stoppler said...

Does Jackie have a blog? Love the photo on your blog of you and Roxy. Keep rocking on dude!

garobbins said...

Not yet, but if she keeps running like she is she may need one soon!
Roxy is definitely a very photogenic dog...gets it from her Dad!