March 26, 2008

The Power Of Music

I'm on a bit of a blogging roll here lately eh!

I struggled to make it to the gym this morning for a 2hr workout and spin bike power session, as my motivation to do anything today was way down. I dragged my sorry butt there and literally walked into the gym and nearly turned straight around! I changed into my gear and told myself that no matter what I was gonna fight through this and put in at least a decent workout. I threw on the I-pod, cranked up some 'Rage Against The Machine', and went to work. Amazingly I started to come around and put in a solid one hour workout, but the spin session still remained. I looked at the bikes, then at the exit to the gym, then back to the bikes, then repeated this process three times. A full on mental battle ensued and although I knew there was no way in hell that I was leaving the gym without putting in all of my time, my mind was just not into it at all. I finally managed to change into my biking gear, crank up some 'Audioslave', and again surprised myself with a good effort. When I was finally free to leave the gym I felt even better than I normally do, because I fought through some very uninspiring moments today.

Motivation can be a funny thing and I often have conversations with people who can't understand how I can log 20+hr training weeks. These weeks are never easy or without issue, but for every mental stumbling block along the way that I conquer, I know I have made myself a better athlete in the process. The mind is a powerful thing and as they say, "The greatest distance you will ever cover in a race, is the one between your ears".

Time and time again I find myself delaying getting out there to do my run, my ride, or hit up the gym. If I'm meeting a training partner, I'm there, but if I'm on my own I can often waste time while over thinking what I'm about to do. I have realized over the last few years that these moments have made me who I am in terms of a competitive racer. Not once have I ever let these thoughts get the best of me and I always manage to get my time in, but I also understand how tough it can be for most people to put in their hours while battling these exact same issues. All I can say is this, I have never, ever, not one single time, regretted getting out for my training, no matter how crap the weather was, or how exhausted I may have been. These days, these low motivational moments, are what will define you in the end. Either you get over it and get on with it, or you sit on your ass and lose invaluable training time and conditioning to your competitors.

The fact of the matter is that by the time you reach your goal race of the season, it's already over before it has begun. At that point in time you can not change anything that you have done in the months leading up to that event, nor can your competition. The race has already been decided, the players just have to confirm it all on the playing field. What I do today will in turn determine how I do at Miwok, how Todd and I do at the MOMAR's this season, and how B.C. Bike Race will unfold for us.

Today, was a very good day indeed.



Todd Nowack said...

That was a great motivational post Robbins. I like the 'distance between your ears' line. One question though. You're only doing 20 hours/week???

garobbins said...

I'm still trying to work up to the TNO 25+ schedule!! Bring yer tow rope for me in BCBR!!


Unknown said...

Keep 'em coming

garobbins said...

Thanks man, will do! Good luck with your biking this season, and the job hunt closer to home!!

Anonymous said...

Everything you said in this blog is so true. I think 80% of the race has been decided already just by the preparation you do which is why i love racing, especially the long-endurance mountain bike races now.

I do the same thing in delaying training rides or runs when i have to do them myself just always looking for an excuse to sit or on the computer. But it always seems that when you actually get out, there is no turning back and feels great afterwards.

Just in case you are thinking why i don't do MOMAR's anymore, I actually moved to Calgary for a new job so new races to explore. I am off to Norway for the first ever TransNorway. But you got to check this race out for next year.

That looks awesome for next year!!!

garobbins said...

KARL! I was wondering what happened to ya, in the flatlands now least the Rockies aren't too far off!
Good luck in Norway, damn I'd love to race there too...and will give serious thought to The Andes in many great events to do, so little time!!