February 17, 2008

This Is Pretty Crazy

VANCOUVER - The founder of fashion company Lululemon says he will start an annual mile-long uphill race in Vancouver that he hopes will raise $1.5 million for B.C. Children's Hospital over the first three years.

Chip Wilson told a crowd of people today at Children's Hospital that the race will be run every June 20 on a steep hill on West 10th Ave. on the city's west side.
To attract top competitors, Wilson says the man or woman who finishes first will win $20,000. He also promises to match donations from participants up to $100,000.
Wilson says the large first-place prize will attract serious runners from around Canada and the United States.

He says the annual event will be called the "Chip's Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile" because when he dies he wants more than an alley named after him.
Wilson says the three-year plan is to increase the number of racers from 1,000 to 10,000 and the number of street-side supporters from 3,500 to 50,000.

Wish I could actually compete at this distance, 20ggggg would be pretty sweet!!

Just had another solid weekend, well this one involved copious amounts of alcohol at Squamish's greatest annual party, The James Bondage Casino Night. Still trying to figure out how it is that every time I have a seriously big night of drinking, that the weather the following day is absolutely picture perfect. It was tough but I dragged my ass outta the house today for a 2hr hike and 1.5hr bike ride...took a quick nap in between though! No pics of the night just yet, I did not take a camera and have to screen whatever I do come across first!

Work tomorrow...boooooo. (not one of my blogger buttons is working here, no spell check still and no picture uploads either...thumbs down to you today blogger!)


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