February 12, 2008

Rudy Project Gear Review

I just recieved my new Rudy's for 08, the Ekynox and I was stoked to get outside and try these babies out! I headed up to The Callahan Valley for some skate ski lessons with my good buddy Munro. Munny was very patient with me and eventually I was able to get a full sweat going as my heart rate ascended with each grade that we climbed. Well, Munny climbed and I kinda walked real funny with skis on my feet!

I have always struggled with glasses fogging up on me as I tend to sweat a lot while racing. The Ekynox have these cool slits between the actual lens and frame, and this alone seemed to make a huge difference. I was bundled for the winter conditions yet sweat profusely as we made our rounds, and I was even wearing a ball cap which would normally keep more moisture around the lenses. I was very impressed with the fact that I fogged up but once and minimally at that. On a huge climb where I thought my lungs would explode and yet as soon as I started in on some forward momentum the glasses cleared themselves instantly. Which was nice since I was holding a gun shortly thereafter!! This was easily the most success I've ever had with sunglasses, and at just 1.2oz I hardly even noticed that I was wearing them!

Here's the personal Rudy Project description on the website, and I'll vouch for every word of it!

The Ekynox™ was developed after years of field research and athlete surveys. Incorporating advanced, fog-free, maximum protection ergonomics and techno-geometric design, the new Ekynox™ is the ultimate sunglass for elite athletes. Using Rudy Project's core platform technologies like adjustable 360° temples, adjustable ergonose™, Quick Change™ interchangeable lenses, optional RX-ability, optional elastic strap, internal goggle conversion kit and double fog free lenses (SGV™), the Ekynox™ is sure to be the ultimate piece of equipment to enhance performance while offering cutting-edge style.



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