November 20, 2007

Finally Some Pics

A friend brought their camera along today (Thanks Heather!) and I was finally able to get some shots of us out ski touring. Amazing start to the day, up at 6am, out the door for 6:30am, parking lot for 7am, 8:45am on top of the ridge for some great early morning turns...and still able to make it to work for 10am...well I might have been five minutes late today...just don't tell my boss!!

Slide show in Vancouver tomorrow and Victoria on Sunday. Both shows have great numbers already! It's alright to be nervous right...I'd prefer a room full of strangers, but as it turns out I think I'll know most people in attendance. That just goes to show how much I trust my 'friends'!!



Matt Hart said...

sweet shots. last friday i busted out the skis/skin/avy beacon with plans on skiing mount rainier but the rain was prevalent.. mount baker area too.

the nuun van and i will make at least one trip up your way this winter without a doubt to ski the backcountry.. i'll let you know so we can get some turns in together.

those photos make me wanna ski!!

garobbins said...

Yeah man, get yer ass up here! Gimme some notice and we can look at doing an overnighter.