September 08, 2007

Struggles Uploading Video

Unfortunately the Google video uploader that worked so flawlessly for my 'West Coast Double' Run does not want to cooperate lately. I have been stuck all week trying to upload the video footage we captured during the event. The files are too big for YouTube so I will have to figure out some other option in the coming days.

Since I am pretty much working every single day for the rest of the year (to pay off this season of racing) the XPD race report may be a little delayed, but I'll be starting in on it shortly. It's always tough after such an incredible vacation to get refocused and centered again, although last night helped as it was a friend's stag party. We normally do a Friday night road ride here in Squamish and all but the aforementioned were aware that this ride would consist of but one large biking pub crawl. Good times!


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